Our “Wearable Technology in Mining - Thematic Research” analyses how wearable technology is affecting the global metals & mining industry now, in addition to key trends shaping across the industry.

The mining industry remains an incredibly dangerous line of work, even in the modern world. The mining depths required for mineral or precious metal exploration come with a whole host of risks for miners, from poisonous gases and heat to geological instabilities leading to cave-ins. Wearable technology has the potential to greatly decrease risk to miners, and increase productivity through a variety of different methods. Miners are prone to health issues and accidents while working in industrial settings involving remote locations, deep mines, extreme temperatures and pressure variations, as well as the presence of heavy equipment in these surroundings. In such conditions, wearable devices are able to capture vital statistics of the field workforce and monitor health conditions and transmit these to command centers in real-time.


  • This report provides how the wearable technology works.
  • It analyzes its impact on mining industry.
  • It provides specific explanations of how wearable could change the way mining companies operate.
  • It offers an analysis of how regulators are likely to respond to the rise of wearables.

Reasons To Buy

  • Build an understanding of wearable technology and its applications in metals & mining industry.
  • Find out how mining companies are utilizing wearables to obtain notable results.
  • It identifies key trends in this technology theme.
  • The report analyses the drone value chain by use case.
  • The report also offers a technology briefing, highlighting how drone technology has developed and how it works.