The cloud has become an important model to deliver and maintain enterprise IT resources. Cloud can be more flexible, cost-effective, and scalable than some traditional IT deployments. Retailers are using the cloud to help mitigate the industry challenges they are facing. Many retail companies have developed in-house cloud teams that will allow them to better exploit the cloud’s capabilities. For those companies that don’t have the expertise, the cloud can pose some significant challenges.

The cloud is not a ’one size fits all’ solution and companies must carefully manage their cloud environments to avoid creating unwanted complexity. IT needs can almost always be met using on-premise deployment; especially if companies have been making significant investments and upgrades to their IT infrastructure.


  • Targets use of Google Cloud, Carrefour’s use of Oracle Service Cloud

    Reasons To Buy
  • Identify key industry challenges driving cloud adoption.
  • Explore cloud implementation options and leading vendor partners.
  • Understand market size and growth forecasts for cloud computing in retail.
  • Review case study implementations from leading retailers.