ING Group is a provider of retail and commercial banking services as well as other related financial solutions. The company provides deposit services, loans and mortgages, saving and investment products, derivatives and equities, credit and debit cards, asset and wealth management services, and financial planning solutions to individuals. It offers business loans, current accounts, trade and receivable financing, international banking, and other solutions to clients ranging from SMEs to large corporates. It also provides private banking and wealth and investment management services to high net worth individuals and families. Headquartered in the Netherlands, the group operates across Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Australia.

This report explores ING’s digital transformation strategies. It provides extensive insight into its technology initiatives, covering partnerships and product launches. In addition, the report includes details of the company’s estimated ICT budget for 2020.


  • ING continued its digital transformation in 2020, with a focus on meeting customers’ evolving needs through a mobile-first approach.
  • ING formed a blockchain team to advance blockchain cryptography and help improve data privacy. The team developed a zero-knowledge range proof (ZKRP) solution, Zero-Knowledge Set Membership, which adds a layer of cryptography to protect information.
  • ING has developed chatbots leveraging big data analytics, natural language processing, and AI for its retail and wholesale banking operations. ING is also digitalizing manual activities using robotic software to improve operational flexibility and business agility.

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