This report includes Analysis, market forecasts, brands, consumer attitudes and trends in the German Apparel Market 2019-2024 with COVID-19 impact

The COVID-19 pandemic is set to cause a sharp drop of 23.0% in apparel retail sales in Germany in 2020. Though we expect the market to grow by 24.6% in 2021, retail spend is projected to remain below pre-COVID estimates at least till 2023


  • Germany’s apparel retail market will bounce back quickly in comparison to its European peers
  • Value for money will be key to entice purchases post-pandemic
  • Greater appetite of consumers to shop online will fuel channel shift
  • Childrenswear to remain the most in demand within clothing, throughout COVID-19
  • Retailers are capitalising on digital channels to adapt to the current crisis

Reasons To Buy

  • Gain a comprehensive view of the German Apparel market and forecasts to 2024
  • Explore new opportunities that will allow you to align your product offerings and strategies to meet demand following the impact of Covid-19 on the German apparel market
  • Investigate current and forecast trends in apparel to identify the opportunities offering the most potential
  • Understand who the main competitors are in the German apparel market and their price positioning