The power industry faces numerous challenges, including aging infrastructure, changing weather patterns, changing demand profiles, adoption of renewable and distributed energy sources, and electric vehicles (EVs). Together they signal a new era of rapid modernization.

Cloud computing can help extend the life of existing infrastructure by facilitating predictive maintenance. Cloud computing can also support the integration of new technologies, such as the smart grid, DERs, and EVs. Cloud facilitates centralization of data from increasingly decentralized assets thus enabling advanced analytics and machine learning, which in turn enhance utilities’ ability to address looming industry challenges.


  • This report presents an overview of adoption of cloud computing technologies, such as IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, in the power industry.
  • It analyses the cloud value chain, the challenges faced by the power industry, and how cloud computing is enabling the industry to tackle these challenges.
  • It discusses some successful cloud computing case studies in the power industry.
  • The report also provides an overview of the competitive positions held by technology vendors, and power companies in the cloud computing theme.
  • Cloud helps maintain infrastructure and support new tech

Reasons To Buy

  • Identify key industry challenges driving cloud adoption.
  • Understand the impact of cloud on the power industry.
  • Explore cloud implementation options and leading vendor partners.
  • Understand market size and growth forecasts for cloud computing in energy sector.
  • Review case study implementations from leading power companies.
  • Identify and benchmark key power companies adopting cloud computing technologies.