The Coronavirus (COVID-19) company impact report analyses how the pandemic will impact Seven & I Holdings Co Ltd.’s performance.

Seven & I group’s largest retail business subsidiary 7-Eleven convenience store is expected to lead the sales growth due to its vast presence in the US and Japan - both countries are under lockdown over the threat of COVID-19 spread.

The Group’s retailers will leverage both their physical and digital capabilities to serve customers.


  • In 2020, Seven & I Holdings Co Ltd. is expected to surpass its pre covid sales projections for the year due to a rise in demand at its major retail centres across the globe.
  • 7-Eleven’s widespread network of convenience stores along with an online presence has led to a strong sales performance in areas severely impacted by COVID-19.
  • 7-Eleven Stores announced 20,000 jobs to meet increased demand during COVID-19 pandemic

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