Kohl’s Corp. - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Company Impact


The Coronavirus (COVID-19) company impact report analyses how the pandemic will impact Kohl’s Corp. performance.

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kohl’s is forecast to record lower-than-expected earnings in H1 2020.

The retailer is enhancing its online operations and offering heavy discounts to attract customers, as shoppers who had previously considered department stores to be the go-to option for their purchases are now shopping around online and trying new alternatives


  • In Q1 2020 (ending 2 May 2020), Kohl’s reported a 43.5% drop in sales to just under US$2.2 billion, down from US$3.8 billion a year earlier. The company also suffered a net income loss of US$541 million.
  • The retailer’s heavy dependency on clothing & accessories will cause it to experience a significant drop in demand, with shoppers showing little or no intent to buy new items
  • The company continues to serve customers 24 hours a day through its digital platforms on Kohls.com and the Kohl’s App.

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