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The agricultural microbials sector focuses on the use of technology that can help conserve the environment, it provides conventional solutions to agricultural problems. Agricultural microbials help provide nutrients to the growing plant and improve their growth. They are made up of naturally occurring micro-organisms that improve soil fertility by degrading organic matter.

The increasing demand for residue-free organically grown crops coupled with the use of IPM practices has impacted this market positively. The low cost of these microbials as compared to agrochemicals is another attractive feature that helps with market growth. Therefore, sustainable farming and government regulations that support the same are some of the other factors that impact this market positively.

The global market revenue generated by the Agricultural microbials sector accounts for USD 5 Billion in the year 2020 and it is projected to grow up to USD 16 Billion by 2028 with a CAGR of 15%. This report covers the whole value chain analysis for this market. To provide strategic analysis, this report is segmented as Mode of Application, Formulation, and Region.

North America is expected to dominates this market, this is due to the growing prevalence of sustainable farming and increased demand for organically generated crops. North America is one of the biggest exporters of organic crops and in order to meet the standards of export, they encourage the use of natural farming methods that do not employ agrochemicals.

This market heavily depends on vertical integration, hence by crop type, the vegetables, and fruits market leads this segment owing to the growing market for organically grown crops. Based on formulation, the bacteria segment is projected to have the highest market revenue that accounts for nearly one-third of the global market size this is because of the varied applications for bacteria strain which is the largest class of microorganisms. Based on the application, the crop protection segment holds the highest CAGR, this is due to the flourishing market for organically grown residue-free crops.

The study period of the report titled, "Global Agricultural Microbials- Market and technology forecast to 2028" is from 2018-2028. The forecast period for this market is from 2020-2028. This report is segmented based on Mode of Application, Formulation, and Region.

This report is aimed at:
  • Detailed insights concerning the impacts of the drivers, restraints, and challenges on the global market have been provided in this report.
  • Upcoming technologies and their effects on the changing market dynamics have been discussed
  • The key players in this field and the strategies employed by them have been studied thoroughly in this report.
  • Porter’s Five Forces and PESTLE Analysis are used to provide a strategic perspective of the data.
  • The opportunities within this market and the scope for expansion coupled with high growth markets have been discussed.
Segmentation covered in this report
The market is segmented based on Mode of Application, Formulation, and Region.

Based on Type:
  • Bacterial ((Bacillus spp, Rhizobium spp, Enterobacteriaceae, Pasteuria, and Streptomyces)
  • Fungi (Trichoderma spp, mycorrhizal fungi, and others including Penicillium, Aspergillus, and Lecanicillium)
  • Viruses
  • Protozoa
Based on the region:
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • South America
  • Rest of World (RoW)*
Based on Formulation:
  • Dry
  • Liquid
Based on Mode of application:
  • Soil Treatment
  • Seed Treatment
  • Foliar Spray
  • Others
Based on Function:
  • Soil amendments (Biofertilizers and biostimulants)
  • Crop protection (Bioinsecticides, biofungicides, bioherbicides, bionematicides, biomolluscicides, bioacaricides, and biorodenticides)
Country Level Analysis
  • United States 
  • Canada          
  • France           
  • Germany       
  • Spain 
  • Portugal         
  • Denmark       
  • Netherlands   
  • Sweden         
  • Finland           
  • United Kingdom        
  • Switzerland    
  • Italy    
  • Japan 
  • Israel  
  • Turkey           
  • Australia        
  • China 
  • Malaysia        
  • Brazil
Reasons to buy:
  • New players in this sector can learn about the market trends and the competitors within this market with the help of this report. This could help them develop a comprehensive view of the competitive segment in this market.
  • The new players can study the drives, restraints, and challenges and their impacts on the global market with the help of this report.
  • Insights concerning strategies employed by the key players of this market have been provided. This can be beneficial to new players as well as existing one's as they can develop strategies of their own based on this reference data.
  • In-depth market segmentation has been provided in this report along with prospects and opportunities that this market provides. Industry officials as well as government sectors could make use of this section to expand their existing market.
Who is this report for:
  • Technology Innovators: Can make use of this report to optimize the existing technology concerning market demands.
  • Governments, Associations, and Industrial Bodies: Can use this report to study the high growth markets and the opportunities provided by the same.
  • Investors and Trade Experts: Can use this report to identify the key areas and the hot-spots within this market with the potential for growth.
  • Sales sectors: The sales teams of companies can use this report to understand the changing market demand with time.