Travelers is an insurance company that offers a range of commercial and personal property and casualty insurance products and services. It provides insurance products for auto, real estate, marine, valuable items, wedding, and identity fraud. It also offers flood insurance, business owner cover, special risk insurance, management and professional liability insurance, and surety bonds.

In addition, the company offers claims settlement and insurance advisory services. The company provides its products and services to individuals, government units, associations, and businesses. Travelers markets and sells its products through independent agents, brokers, branch offices, and direct marketing. The company operates in the US, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, the UK, and Ireland.

This report explores Travelers’ digital transformation strategies. It also provides extensive insight into its technology initiatives, covering partnerships and product launches. In addition, the report includes details of the company’s estimated ICT budget for 2020.


  • Travelers operates an online portal for business owners to gain information on cybersecurity measures in order to protect their assets and customers’ information.
  • Travelers operates the Early Severity Predictor program, which leverages data analytics to help businesses with accurate calculation of risks and claims assessment.
  • The key technology themes under focus for Travelers are artificial intelligence, automated home, big data, blockchain, the cloud, cybersecurity, data analytics, data centers, drones, voice recognition, insurtech, the Internet of Things, machine learning, virtual reality, and wearable tech.

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  • Learn about Travelers’ fintech operations, including investments, product launches, partnerships, and acquisitions.
  • Gain insight into its fintech strategies and innovation initiatives.
  • Discover which technology themes are under the group’s focus.