Technical ceramics have been used significantly in numerous high-performance applications, in the industrial and automotive industries. Technical ceramics, specially oxides and silicates have gained immense popularity in the last few years due to benefits offered which include durability, and high tensile strength. Additionally, rising environmental concerns, coupled with stringent regulations by governments, especially in Europe further propel demand of technical ceramics, such as bioceramics, especially in healthcare , which drive innovation and R&D efforts.

This report titled ‘Growth Opportunities in Technical Ceramics’ highlights the regional, industry wise and global trends in the development of technical ceramics. The report also aims to provide insights on the innovation ecosystem and material advances related to specific ceramic materials and manufacturing methodologies. The report will also highlight noteworthy research and development efforts, product development efforts, new launches, industry initiatives and key patent activities and focus areas across the globe. Apart from the specific materials, the report will also deep-dive into the technology capability, readiness level and commercialization prospects of available and emerging enabling technologies. The report in the end will highlight the top three industries wherein technical ceramics have the most potential.

In brief, the research study captures the following:
  • Overview of technical ceramic types, material scope, and manufacturing methods
  • Current and emerging trends in coatings for technical ceramics
  • Assessment of key innovations, research focus areas and technology developments
  • Key impact factors that influence acceptance of technical ceramics
  • Emerging opportunities for technology developers
  • Key patents. both granted and application status
  • Analytical hierarchical roadmap covering the top 3 potential industries