McDonald’s Corporation - Enterprise Tech Ecosystem Series


McDonald’s Corp (McDonald’s) is a foodservice retail chain operator. It operates and franchises McDonald’s restaurants which serve a locally-related menu items of food and beverages. Its menu offering includes hamburgers and cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, chicken nuggets, wraps, French fries, salads, oatmeal, shakes, desserts, sundaes, soft serve cones, pies, soft drinks, coffee and other beverages. It also offers various breakfast items such as McGriddles, Sausage McMuffin with Egg, Egg McMuffin, biscuit and bagel sandwiches, and hotcakes. McDonald’s markets its products under a wide range of brands including Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish, Chicken McNuggets, McFlurry, McMuffin, and McGriddles. It operates across North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East and Africa.

In order to accelerate digital innovations, which otherwise take years to deliver, especially if they have to be deployed across several locations worldwide, McDonald’s initiated the development of an application network in 2017 that utilizes Anypoint Platform.

McDonald’s is collaborating with app-based delivery platforms, AI-powered firms, voice technology startups, cloud-based solution providers, etc. to gain access to a range of technology solutions, enable digital delivery for its customers and to streamline its operations and improve its customer service. For instance, the company has partnered with design firm Method to develop a unified digital ecosystem that combines customer experiences across all digital channels, and further help them to monitor, understand, and better serve their customers.

In 2017, the company introduced its long term "Velocity growth plan“, which mainly focuses on Improving in-restaurant experience using digital tools,Mobile order & pay for on-the-go customers,App-based delivery platforms,Personalizing customer experience using AI and big data and Social media.

The report provides information and insights intoMcDonald’s activities, including -

  • Insights of its digital transformation strategies and digital innovation programs.
  • Overview of technology initiatives covering strategic partnerships, investments & acquisitions.
  • Insights on each technology initiative including technology theme, objective, and benefits
  • Details of estimated ICT budgets and major ICT contracts.


  • McDonald’s is tapping the power of e-commerce, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cybersecurity, Alternative Reality, digitalization, digital assistants, digital media, social media, robotics, 3D printing, automation, connectivity, big data, online & mobile payments, and cloud technologies for achieving operational efficiency and enhancing customer experience.
  • In 2019, McDonald’s launched a new strategic technology unit “McD Tech Labs” in Silicon Valley. It is an internal group within its Global Technology team and will be led by Apprente employees. The lab focuses on innovations that can help them in offering better customer experience at restaurants.
  • In 2020, McDonald’s announced to introduce a digital customer engagement team to address its customer’s needs and basis that develop innovative products and solutions for them, augmenting customer digital experience and boost sales.
  • As a part of its digital strategy, McDonald’s has been strengthening its digital expertise by hiring skilled individuals and having a dedicated technology team.
  • McDonald’s has established an in-house incubator to test innovative ideas that can help it enhance business process and deliver superior customer experience. It also established an innovation center for converting ideas into solutions.

Reasons To Buy

  • Gain insights into McDonald’s operations.
  • Gain insights into its digital strategies and innovation initiatives.
  • Gain insights into its technology themes under focus.
  • Gain insights into various partnerships of McDonald’s Corporation.