The Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS) is a provider of personal and commercial banking and other financial solutions through two major subsidiaries: RBS and NatWest. Its Personal Banking segment offers accounts, cards, loans and mortgages, insurance, investment, and private banking solutions. Business Banking includes cards and payments, business loans and finances, business support, and international finance. Some of its other brands include Ulster Bank, Coutts, Adam & Company, Drummonds, Isle of Man Bank, Holt’s, Lombard, and RBS International. It also provides risk management, trading, and debt financing solutions through the NatWest Markets brand. The group has operations in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North America.

This report explores RBS’s digital transformation strategies. It also provides extensive insight into its technology initiatives, covering partnerships and product launches. In addition, the report includes details of the company’s estimated ICT budget for 2020.


  • In 2017, the company formed the Technology & Innovation Committee to monitor its technology and innovation strategic activities such as technology partnerships and acquisitions, emerging technology development, and innovation trends; observe the competitive landscape; and ensure it is meeting its customers’ needs.
  • In 2016, RBS launched its Open Experience Center (known as OX) in Edinburgh to bring innovation to its operations and address its customers’ needs.
  • In 2018, RBS opened its Data Innovation Research Unit at the University of Edinburgh’s Bayes Center. The hub focuses on industrial collaboration to foster innovation, develop new products and services, address real-world problems, and bring a data-driven culture of innovation to the firm.

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