Prudential is a financial services group that offers long-term savings and protection products. Through its subsidiaries, the group provides retirement benefits and insurance coverage for various risks such as illness, death, and critical life events. It also provides investment solutions across various asset classes, including equities, multi-asset, ?xed income, infrastructure, and alternatives.

The group offers its products and services through independent agents, regional and independent broker-dealers, wirehouses, and banks. Its operations span across Asia, the US, and Africa. Prudential’s US-based business constitutes revenue from Jackson, a retirement solutions provider. The company’s Asian segment comprises revenue from insurance solutions provider Prudential Corporation Asia and asset management solutions provider Eastspring. As of October 2019, its UK and Europe segment began operating as M&G Prudential as a result of demerger from the group.

This report explores Prudential’s digital transformation strategies. It also provides extensive insight into its technology initiatives, covering partnerships and product launches. In addition, the report includes details of the company’s estimated ICT budget for 2020.


  • The key technology themes under focus for Prudential include AI, big data, blockchain, cloud, cybersecurity, data analytics, and machine learning.
  • In October 2017, Prudential Singapore launched the PRU Fintegrate Partnership program, through which it collaborates with disruptive fintech startups to develop innovative insurance solutions.
  • In September 2018, Prudential Singapore partnered with Infocomm Media Development Authority to collaborate with companies in its network in order to further support the PRU Fintegrate program and develop innovative insurtech solutions.

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