Fuel Cards in Ireland 2019 is invaluable for issuers of fleet cards, fuel retailers, fleet leasing companies and other suppliers to the sector. Based on research with issuers and fuel retailers it provides commercial (B2B) fuel card volume (split by fleet and CRT), value and market share forecasts to 2023, key data on independent and oil company card issuers and an analysis of fuel card competition in Ireland.

Fleet card volume in 2019 is estimated at 495 million liters, when compared to 498.5 million liters in 2018. There was a decrease of 0.7%


  • In 2019, service stations in Ireland increased by 0.11% and reached 1789 from 1787 in 2018. More than 18,000 new fuel cards will be issued from 2019 to 2023, resulting in a total of 0.21 million cards in the market. In 2023, it is estimated that
  • Out of the total active cards in the market, 64.9% would be used by fleet vehicles and 35.1% by CRT vehicles.
  • Fuel card volumes are expected to rise by 8.6% over the forecast period (2019-2023) from 842.2 million liters to 914.7 million liters

Reasons To Buy

  • Plan effective market entry strategies by uncovering current and future volumes and values of the Western European Europe fuel card markets.
  • Assess whether you should increase network acceptance of your card and identify potential new merchants by uncovering the position of competitors.
  • Whether you are an issuer, a processor, a leasing company or a fuel retailer, make informed pitches to partners by understanding their business.
  • Enhance fuel sales at your service stations by identifying which fuel cards you should accept based on their market shares and network acceptance.
  • Plan your regional strategy by understanding the Western European markets, Slovenia, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Ireland, Luxembourg.