Hong Kong’s HNW investors - who skew heavily towards professional and entrepreneurial males - show strong demand for most forms of wealth advice and tax planning. A multi-service proposition, underpinned by proven expertise in investment, will be key to tapping into the growing HNW population. A burgeoning appetite for novel options such as robo-advice, the upcoming transfer of wealth between generations, and the growing female segment provide arguably the most significant growth opportunities for Hong Kong-based wealth managers in the foreseeable future.

This report analyzes the investing preferences and portfolio allocation of Hong Kong’s HNW individuals. It profiles HNW investors in terms of their demographics, examines the allocation of HNW investors’ portfolios, analyzes their propensity to invest offshore, and explores product and service demand among UK HNW investors.


  • While currently small, the proportion of the HNW market made up of women will grow significantly as intergenerational wealth transfers propel many into the ranks of the HNW and the older-age structure of local HNW men means more churn in their numbers.
  • A little less than a quarter of HNW individuals in Hong Kong are expats, and providers that understand the distinct needs of this lucrative segment will be able to achieve higher margins.
  • Hong Kong HNW individuals use an average of 5.5 wealth managers and invest just a quarter of their managed wealth with their main wealth manager, highlighting the crowded nature of the market.
  • A fifth of HNW wealth is placed in execution-only mandates, with a desire to maintain control and save on fees being key drivers.
  • HNW individuals in Hong Kong invest an average of 50% of their total managed wealth offshore.

Reasons To Buy

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