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Globally billions of cubic feet of associated gas continue to be flared from crude oil production sites, which represents billions of dollars in foregone revenue and causes significant environmental pollution. Also, flaring sites are often detrimental to plant, animal and human life in their surroundings and impacts health and safety. Monetization of flared gas helps to realize some of the foregone revenue and mitigates environmental pollution.


  • Global crude oil production and associated gas flaring volumes of key countries for 2010 to 2019
  • Global associated gas flaring values by key countries for 2010 to 2019
  • Brief analysis of key small-scale associated gas monetization technologies
  • Brief analysis of associated gas flaring scenario in some of the key countries

Reasons To Buy

  • Keep abreast of the latest global associated gas flaring scenario
  • Obtain the latest information on global associated gas flaring values and volumes for key countries
  • Facilitate decision making on the basis of strong flaring values and volumes data
  • Assess key small-scale monetization technologies for associated gas flaring