Increasing security incidents, globally, have resulted in the need for generating unique individual identities, which can be verified through software platforms, thus increasing the efficiency and efficacy of identity verification processes. The challenges in managing identities in the modern world through conventional methods such as ID cards and pin numbers/passwords, which are failing to address efficiency, accuracy, and security requirements, have paved the way for exponential demand for biometrics-based ID management and access control systems.

This study will benefit those who are interested in learning about how the access control and identity market is impacted by biometrics technology, how biometrics is evolving in the security industry, and the potential opportunities in this space. The study details the key aspects of security applications of biometrics technology and identifies potential use cases, trends, current applications, and future opportunities across the critical national infrastructure (CNI), public safety and security, and BFSI sectors. It also discusses the key drivers, restraints, and trends and their impact on security-related biometrics applications across the regions and segments covered.

This is a visionary study investigating the big-picture perspectives of biometrics technology and how the technology is set to evolve and influence the security market and grow. Technology companies looking to feed into the digital transformation Mega Trend across industries will also benefit from this study, as they will get to understand their potential role, enabling them to make key business decisions. The research is aimed at identifying growth opportunities in the security biometrics market and determining how the market is expected to grow.

Key Issues Addressed
  • How have biometrics applications evolved in security applications?
  • What will be the future of biometrics in security applications?
  • How will the competitive landscape evolve?
  • What are the technology and regulatory shifts that will drive the market?
  • What are the regional trends in biometrics applications for security?