Lay’s Poppables: Success Case Study


Lay’s Poppables: Success Case Study is a part of GlobalData’s success and failure case study series. It explores the success of PepsiCo’s foray into healthier guilt-free snacks, which aims to attract younger consumers by adding a fun element to the proposition.

Frito-Lay’s North America is driving growth for PepsiCo with its range of healthier snacks, and is targeting consumers who have health concerns in mind when they choose which products to buy. The report explores how innovation in the flavor and design of the product can bring about and enhance the taste of potato chips. Initially launched in US, the snack has since been expanded globally and in more flavors.


  • Younger consumers are more open to trying different varieties of snack, making them the key target group for brands in this category.
  • Chips continue to be the most preferred snack for younger consumers.

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