The sharing economy has particularly taken off in home-sharing and shared mobility models, shaking up the way the insurance industry has traditionally understood liabilities. Insurers have been pressurized to quickly adapt their products, converging the cover provided in personal and commercial lines. In a bid to keep up with the speed of transactions and minimize customer friction insurers are partnering with marketplaces and startups. The sharing economy has resulted in an upsurge of flexible insurance products. But gaps in coverage still exist, while the sharing economy continues to grow strongly.

Key Highlights

  • The global insurance industry reached $6.2tn in premiums in 2018. The sharing economy is disrupting primarily non-life insurers (specifically motor, property, and liability).
  • The sharing economy blurs the lines between personal and commercial use of assets, posing challenges when establishing liability.
  • So far, innovation in insurance for the sharing economy has focused on personal rather than commercial lines. For instance, some companies have developed add-ons for personal lines to provide cover for commercial activities.
  • The potential of the sharing economy in insurance is still untapped, and new shared mobility models will bring further lucrative opportunities to insurers.


  • This report explores how insurance is being shaped by a change in consumer attitudes, particularly as they share their personal assets for commercial activities.
  • It highlights the challenges posed to the industry as liabilities change. The report examines how the industry has responded in terms of new product innovations and which companies have been at the forefront of this, and reveals areas where gaps in insurance coverage still exist.
  • In addition, it underlines which of the emerging sharing economy models will generate further lucrative opportunities for insurers.

Reasons To Buy

  • Understand how the sharing economy is shaping the insurance industry.
  • Explore factors driving growth of the sharing economy and learn where there are still gaps in insurance coverage.
  • Build in-depth knowledge of insurance for shared mobility and home-sharing models.
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