At a rough estimate, Generation Hashtag (those born between 1991 and 2005) makes up one-quarter of the world’s population. With the influence of this demographic set to increase over the next decade, as its members continue to enter the workforce, retailers must learn to adapt to this new breed of consumers which demand a personalized, convenient, and omni-channel experience.

Key Highlights

  • Companies offerings novel products, services and technologies will benefit as spending power shifts from Millennials to Generation Hashtag.
  • Young males are a key target market for subscription-based beauty and grooming services
  • Generation Hashtag shoppers are realistic, confident, social, private and responsible.
  • Generation Hashtag is a driving force for new content formats
  • Generation Hashtag uses social media to make purchasing decisions


  • GlobalData breaks the Generation Hashtag and the relevance to retail, idenitifying key characteristics within the demographic and investigating this group’s preferences for shopping method.
  • We review several case studies from around the world on how retailers are investing in capturing spend from this group, and look at how retail, technology, macroeconomic and regulatory trends will impact the theme in the future.

Reasons To Buy

  • Learn how retailers such as Farfetch (UK), Harry’s (US) and Nordstrom (US) are adapting their approaches to consumer interaction based on the desires of this generation.
  • Understand how this demographic relate to key topics such as delivery options, loyalty schemes and physical experiential retail, so you can better present your brand to these shoppers.
  • Discover the core characteristics of this group in comparison to traditionalists, baby boomers and Generation X, to help you learn how to embrace connectivity and raise spend.
  • Reveal how Generation Hashtag is using social media to explore retail options, so you can tailor your proposition to a higher degree of accuracy.