The key payments trends for 2020 all point to a fracturing, diverging market. Mobile payments and alternative online payment tools are all trying to offer the most convenient way to transact by removing friction and pain points associated with the manual entry of authorization information. Instant payment systems offer cheaper, faster alternatives to cash and cards, creating an entirely new system of electronic payments in domestic and regional markets.

Consumers’ options for payments are constantly expanding, which is creating a fragmented payments landscape globally. The challenges created by this fragmentation are leading to the consolidation of merchant-side players aiming to use scale to address the complex payment acceptance needs of merchants in 2020.

This report explores six of the most important trends in the payments market in 2020: mobile payments, real-time payment systems, online payments, cashless societies, mergers in the processing market, and emerging technologies. Each of these trends is analyzed using proprietary data and extensive research.


  • Real-time payment systems will disrupt card-based payments within specific geographies by offering cheaper, faster payments.
  • Mobile payments continue to lag behind in the developed world, although they are growing strongly.
  • The proliferation of consumer choice in terms of payment tools has resulted in a continuing trend of consolidation among payment processors.
  • New technologies such as AI and biometrics further push consumer convenience while also promoting greater security for the industry.

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