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Health & Wellness is one of the eight mega-trends that GlobalData covers as part of our TrendSights series of consumer insight studies. This analysis covers the evolving notion of "wellness," and consumers’ growing inclination to incorporate a broad range of considerations beyond explicit individual benefits, when assessing a product’s health credentials.

Health-conscious, proactive, and informed consumers are recognizing that routes to wellness involve more than simply diet and exercise. Aspects such as mental and spiritual health, the pace and complexity of life, and environmental and ethical considerations are now playing a more prominent role in helping consumers determine the overall health benefits of a product. This “wellness revolution” will impact choices across all consumer product categories.


  • The vast majority of global consumers associate wellness with living an ethical or sustainable lifestyle, illustrating the growing connection between individual and environmental health.
  • Consumers in younger age cohorts are generally more inclined to consider the broader wellness benefits of their product choices. They are particularly likely to recognize the individual benefits associated with environmentally friendly or sustainable products.
  • Over three quarters of global consumers express concern about the impact of pollution on their health and appearance, while almost the same proportion are concerned about the impact of sun exposure, demonstrating the influence that environmental factors are perceived to play in affecting health.

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