The publishing industry is in the midst of significant change, driven in large part by technology. For example, internet and social media sites like Facebook have fundamentally altered how people consume news, leaving newspaper publishers struggling to keep up. Many have chosen to adopt online subscription models to secure revenue streams, although these have met with some consumer resistance. Publishing companies must be able to effectively harness technology if they are to survive these turbulent times. Artificial intelligence (AI) could enable them to provide consumers with more timely and relevant content, while formats like podcasts and audiobooks represent opportunities to engage with hard-to-reach demographics, particularly young people and those with limited free time.

This report provides information on key themes that will impact the publishing sector over the next two years, including AI, EdTech, smart speakers, advertising, subscription models, M&A, and data privacy.


  • This report is a sector scorecard, which identifies those companies most likely to succeed in a world filled with disruptive threats. Inside, we predict how each theme will evolve and identify the leading and lagging companies.
  • It includes a theme map that shows the 50 biggest themes driving growth in the publishing sector.
  • It explains how some of the largest listed players in the sector have performed over the last three years.
  • It looks at major technology and macro-economic trends impacting publishing companies.

Reasons To Buy

  • Companies who invest in the right themes become success stories; those who miss the big themes end up as failures. Corporate executives and investors who want to outperform their competitors need to understand all the themes that impact their sector.
  • However, many of these themes are, by definition, outside of the core competencies of company boardrooms because they typically originate from external industries.
  • This publishing sector scorecard provides a top-down, comprehensive outlook for the key players in the industry over the next two years, based on the key themes set to transform their market.