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Total fuel consumption in the US increased by 1.3% in 2018 compared to the previous year. Shell has the largest service station network, at 13,218 sites, amounting to 8.8% of the national network. Around 65.1% of wash occasions in the US occurred at service stations in 2018, with rollover and tunnel wash installations being the most popular wash types. Shell accounted for 11.1% of convenience retail sales at service stations in 2018.

The Service Stations in the US - Market Forecasts Model to 2023, database report provides a detailed breakdown of historic and forecast service station retail sales in the US. The database offers the latest market shares by fuel, car wash, convenience and foodservice sales. It also provides a range of key performance indicators by retailer.


Key data points include -

  • Fuel volumes and value: by fuel type (gasoline 98, 95, diesel and electric)
  • Car wash value: by fuel retailer and country
  • Convenience Sales: by fuel retailer and country
  • Foodservice Sales: by fuel retailer and country
  • Total number of service stations: by site type (shop, car wash, unmanned, motorway, supermarket, company owned and with foodservice)
  • Average service station site measurements: split by fuel space, car wash space, convenience space and foodservice space (Sqm and Sqft)
  • Service station sales density: by fuel retailer and country

Reasons To Buy

  • Identify who are the major fuel retailers in the market and how many fuel outlets, motorway, supermarket, company owned, unmanned, shops, car wash and EV charge sites they have.
  • Plan effective market strategies by uncovering market share and average fuel, car wash, convenience and foodservice sales per site of the major fuel retailers in the market.
  • Benchmark your service station network against major competitors by uncovering average fuel retail space (sqm and sqft), car wash retail space, convenience retail space and foodservice retail space per site.
  • Understand how the service station network is evolving and which players are opening new outlets as well as investing in additional site services such as shops, foodservice and car washes.
  • Get sales density data on each of the key fuel retailers in the market for fuel, car wash, convenience and foodservice; identify the largest and fastest-growing market segments to inform market expansion and to manage risk.