DBS Group Holdings, through principal subsidiary DBS Bank, offers a range of banking and financial solutions that include current, savings, multi-currency, and business accounts; debit and credit cards; fixed deposits; and personal and professional loans. It provides insurance coverage for life, health, travel, cars, accidents, education, and business.

The company also offers wealth management, treasury products, cash management, trade finance, private banking, institutional banking, online banking, and advisory and capital markets solutions. Its priority markets include India, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

This report provides insight into DBS’s fintech activities, including its digital transformation strategies, its innovation programs, its technology initiatives, its estimated ICT budget, and its major ICT contracts.


  • DBS Bank leverages technologies including big data, AI, blockchain, mobile, and digital assistants to develop products that enhance the digital experience for its customers.
  • DBS has embarked on a major IT transformation to benefit from technologies like mobile, the cloud, AI, and data analytics. It has invested in technologies and systems that are elastic, scalable, and ready to use, and has moved legacy systems to modern hardware. DBS also introduced its Everything Goes Cloud policy and has carried out app migrations from a cloud-ready to a cloud-native environment.
  • DBS is expanding its service delivery beyond traditional branch operations and increasing customer acquisition through digital marketing, online, and mobile channels.It is also digitizing its operations to eliminate paper-based documents and enable instant fulfillment for customers through services such as instant account opening, one-click processing, automated transactions, and e-statements.

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