DBS Group is a Singapore-headquartered universal banking group with a presence in 18 markets. It has four main business segments, and offers wealth management services through its Consumer Banking/Wealth Management (CBWM) division. The wealth business is further divided into three tiered propositions, with a focus on Asia.

This competitor profile provides a comprehensive analysis of DBS’s wealth operations. It offers insight into the company’s strategy and financial performance, including key data on assets under management (AUM). Customer targeting and service propositions are covered, as are product innovation and marketing activities.


  • DBS’s acquisition of ANZ’s wealth and retail business in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, and Taiwan has strengthened its presence in core Asian markets and positioned it as the leading wealth manager in the region.
  • DBS Wealth Management is investing heavily in digital transformation, in line with the group’s strategy. It rolled out a human-robo investment service for beginner investors in November 2019.
  • DBS Wealth Management has grown its revenues consistently in the last few years. 2018 revenues grew by 7.4%, supported by the strong performance of the CBWM segment.
  • DBS Group is using a content-based marketing strategy to engage consumers on social platforms.

Reasons To Buy

  • Examine the financial performance, key ratios, and AUM growth for DBS and its wealth management operations and benchmark this competitor against other global wealth managers.
  • Understand DBS Wealth Management’s current strategic objectives and their impact on financial performance.
  • Discover DBS Wealth Management’s key products and its client targeting strategies and examine whether these have been successful.
  • Learn more about DBS Wealth Management’s marketing strategy, social media presence, and digital innovations.