This report explains how disruptive themes have been driving M&A activity over the last five years. It selects the most notable M&A deals announced in the travel and tourism (T&T) sector over the last five years and identifies the thematic drivers. It also highlights potential acquisition targets, explaining who is likely to acquire them and why.

Key Highlights

In 2018, the total transaction value of M&A deals announced in the global T&T sector reached $68bn, up 84% from 2017, according to GlobalData’s Deals Database.

The main investment themes driving deals include: expansion, market penetration, experience economy, online travel, digital assistants, increase cash flow, strengthen balance sheet, and rescue deals, particularly in the airline industry where many are edging towards failure due to over-capacity, tough competition, higher fuel costs.

Running any business today requires an understanding of all disruptive threats. For example, whatever the industry, technology now makes it easier for players to be disrupted. The companies lining up to disrupt are likely to be smaller and nimbler.


  • This report provides an overview of key M&A activity in the travel & tourism sector over the last five years.
  • It also analyzes potential future deals.
  • It assesses the rationale for deals examined and, where applicable, looks at their success.
  • It focuses specifically on the lodging, airlines, travel intermediaries, and vehicle rental sectors.

Reasons To Buy

  • Analyze key recent deals in the travel & tourism sector
  • Understand the rationale driving M&A deals in the sector
  • Assess the success or failure of recent deals
  • Take a look at potential future deals