Blockchain enables transactions to be executed in a distributed, inalterable and secure mode, with cost and time efficiencies. Although still emerging, blockchain is being driven by increasing demand for digital security along with government investments and the promise of reducing transactions time and costs. Telcos are joining the development of blockchain use cases to drive new revenue streams, efficiency, and security.

”Decoding the Blockchain Ecosystem for Telecoms: Value Chain, Players and Telco Opportunities”, a Global Outlook Report by GlobalData, lays out the key blockchain definitions and main drivers & inhibitors, decodes the blockchain ecosystem & value chain, and summarizes the service use cases that can be harnessed by telcos to transform & monetize the blockchain opportunity.
The report also provides a number of blockchain value chain positioning options that telcos can consider to drive new revenue streams. It also offers case studies analyzing telcos’ blockchain initiatives and commercial solutions in specific network, operations, products, and business solution areas. It gives an overview of the partnerships involved & the key benefits aimed internally and for the target business clients and vertical industries.

The report is structured as follows -
Section 1: Taxonomy & Market Context; an overview of the key blockchain definitions, technologies, adoption drivers and inhibitors, including national blockchain initiatives and security considerations.
Section 2: The Blockchain Ecosystem; an analysis of the blockchain value chain, ecosystem players’ map, and telecoms blockchain use cases.
Section 3: Case Studies; provides four telecom operators’ case studies with an analysis of their blockchain initiatives, blockchain use cases, and commercial offerings. The case studies also give an overview of the key partnershis involved, benefits intended, and target customer segments for the blockchain solutions.
Section 4: Findings and recommendations; we conclude the report with a set of key findings for telecom operators on the current state of the telecoms blockchain market and key recommendations to help them harness the benefits of blockchain and drive new revenue streams.


  • Blockchain implementation is valuable in driving telcos’ service innovation, improving business agility, helping them yield new revenue streams and powering 5G & IoT security.
  • A number of telcos have already started implementing blockchain networks through, for instance, partnerships with global cloud providers and startups, or through in-house development.
  • Beyond using blockchain for their own operations and supply chains, telcos can also yield new revenue streams from the blockchain opportunity by playing a role in the blockchain value chain and by providing new solutions such as blockchain platform as a service along with a set of vertical-specific blockchain solutions.

Reasons To Buy

  • This Global Outlook Report provides an extensive examination of the blockchain ecosystem to help telecom operators harness the technology and related business model levers required for telcos’ internal transformation and to help them capture new revenue streams in the blockchain value chain.
  • The report objective is to help inform global industry executives’ decision-making process on the blockchain drivers & inhibitors, application areas, service and commercial positioning strategies.
  • Four case studies illustrate the findings of the report, providing insights into telecom operators’ blockchain initiatives and commercial solutions; this will help industry executives understand the drivers and benefits blockchain can create for them as well as the business & partnership models telcos can adopt to get access and deploy blockchain capabilities.
  • The report maps the blockchain ecosystem players’ landscape, specifying the players’ role in the blockchain value chain. It also provides a number of value chain positioning options to be considered and assessed by telcos in order for them to play an active role in the blockchain space and monetize the arising opportunity.
  • With twelve exhibits, the report is designed for an executive-level audience, to help them understand and determine the adequate evolution moves for their blockchain strategies.