Global LNG liquefaction capacity is expected to grow by 53 percent during the outlook period, 2019-2023. Among regions, North America accounts for most of the global liquefaction capacity growth from planned and announced projects (new-build projects). Among countries, the US leads globally with 157 mtpa of liquefaction capacity by 2023. Russia and Canada follow, with capacities of 19 mtpa and 15 mtpa, respectively.


  • Historical LNG liquefaction capacity data from 2013 to 2018, outlook up to 2023
  • Annual breakdown of capital expenditure on new-build LNG liquefaction projects for the period 2019 to 2023
  • LNG liquefaction capacity and capital expenditure data by key countries and companies globally for planned and announced projects
  • New-build capex for planned and announced projects by region, key countries and companies
  • Details of the planned and announced LNG liquefaction projects globally up to 2023.

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