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ADAS and Autonomous driving technology has the potential to completely revolutionize the auto industry and transportation dynamics in near future. It poses the aptitude to change the conventional way of transporting goods and passengers. This report provides a deep dive investigation into ADAS and autonomous driving industry and detailed analysis on the technologies, components, and trends that enables autonomous driving. The report focuses on the below major aspects of the ADAS and autonomous driving industry.

Car Manufacturers and their race for ADAS and autonomous driving

  • Robotic Vehicles Trend – Robotic Taxis and Autonomous Shuttles Providers
  • Partnership between Car Manufacturers and Tier 1s, Technology Providers, Robotic Vehicle Companies, Shared Mobility Companies, Imaging and Sensing System Suppliers (Radar, Camera, LiDAR), System Integrators, AV Testing & Simulation Companies, Telecom Providers, Artificial Intelligence Companies, Software Providers, Navigation and Mapping Companies
  • Market Share Analysis of all the sensors, processors, system, and technology providers, along with OEMs

SAE Levels of ADAS and Autonomous Driving

  • SAE Level 1 – Advanced Driver Assistance (ADAS)
  • SAE Level 2 – Partial Automation
  • SAE Level 3 – Conditional Automation
  • SAE Level 4 – High Automation
  • SAE Level 5 – Full Automation/Driverless Cars
  • Robotic Vehicles – Robotic taxis and autonomous shuttles

The historical, actual, and forecasts of the sales demand for the cars by levels of automation is covered in the report. In case of Level 2
vehicles, car sales of leading OEMs by models is also covered. In case of Level 3 and above autonomy, the car sales are estimated and
forecasted based on the announcements by the leading OEM brands.

Sensing and Important Technologies in ADAS and Autonomous Driving
Imaging/Camera Sensors and Vision Processors – Rear View Camera, Surround View Camera, Forward ADAS Camera, Forward ADAS Stereo Camera, Forward ADAS Triple Camera, Dash/Blackbox Cam, Side-mirror Replacement Camera, Driver Monitoring System (DMS), Thermal Camera (IR, NIR, Night Vision Camera), Gesture Recognition Camera

LiDAR Imaging Sensors – macro-mechanical scanning LiDAR, solid-state LiDAR, Risley Prism, Micro-motion, MEMS Solid-state, 3D Flash LiDAR, OPA LiDAR

Radar Sensing – Short Range, Medium Range, and Long Range Radar
Other Technologies Covered: Navigation Technologies, Mapping Technologies, Connected Cars and Telematics, Artificial Intelligence, Software Solutions, Annotations, AV Testing, AV Cyber Security