Super League In-Depth Analysis: St. James’s Place Wealth Management 2019


Headquartered in London, St. James’s Place Wealth Management provides clients with a range of wealth management services. It had 3,954 advisors serving 682,000 clients in the UK and Asia as of December 31, 2018. It offers end-to-end wealth services to clients across the affluent and HNW segments in the UK and Asia.

This competitor profile provides a comprehensive analysis of St. James’s Place’s wealth operations. It offers insight into the company’s strategy and financial performance, including key data on assets under management. Customer targeting and service propositions are covered, as are product innovation and marketing activities. The report provides -

  • Insight into St. James’s Place Wealth Management’s growth strategy.
  • An overview of the firm’s organizational structure.
  • Clear presentation of the company’s geographical coverage and expansion strategy, including M&A activity.
  • Analysis of the firm’s financial performance, including comparison with other global wealth managers.
  • Examination of key target client groups.
  • Analysis of St. James’s Place Wealth Management’s product and service proposition.
  • A review of St. James’s Place’s marketing and social media activities.


  • In 2018, St. James’s Place reported its worst financial performance in seven years. Its operating revenues decreased by 14.4% to $1,966m, due to a strong decrease in both net insurance premium income and net commission and fee income.
  • In September 2019 the group migrated around ?69.1bn ($88.2bn) in assets under management (AUM) to Bluedoor. The move was made to provide its clients with a single consolidated view across all pensions and savings products.
  • St. James’s Place pursues marketing and advertising opportunities mainly in cultural, sporting, and corporate events. Its philanthropic arm works for the wellbeing of children and young people.

Reasons To Buy

  • Examine the financial performance, key ratios, and AUM growth for St. James’s Place Wealth Management and benchmark this competitor against other global wealth managers.
  • Understand St. James’s Place Wealth Management’s current strategic objectives and their impact on its financial performance.
  • Discover St. James’s Place Wealth Management’s key products and its client targeting strategies and examine whether these have been successful.
  • Learn more about St. James’s Place Wealth Management’s marketing strategy, social media presence, and digital innovations.