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GoodnessKnows were healthy snack squares that failed to establish their place within the UK market.

Overall, when choosing a healthy snack consumers are looking for a product that meets its marketing claims. The packaging and marketing should be relevant and should serve a purpose, as well as knowing your demographic and to whom you are marketing the product.


  • GoodnessKnows UK failed to take into account basic business strategies and principles and had to end operations within 18 months of its release.
  • This was a missed opportunity as the product itself met the demands of British consumers looking for a healthy snack, as it contained high protein and natural ingredients.
  • Due to poor marketing, strategy, and other factors it did not meet its potential.

Reasons To Buy

  • Reduce the risk of failure by learning from brands/products that have under-performed: failed innovation can severely impact profit and reputation.
  • Understand the relevant consumer trends and attitudes that drive and support innovation success so you can tap into what is really impacting the industry.
  • Gain a broader appreciation of the fast-moving consumer goods industry by gaining insights from both within and outside of your sector.
  • Access valuable strategic take-outs to help direct future decision-making and inform new product development.