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Cigarettes in Albania, 2019 is an analytical report by GlobalData that provides extensive and highly detailed current and future market trends in the Georgian tobacco market. It covers market size and structure along with per capita and overall consumption. Additionally, it focuses on brand data, retail pricing, prospects, and forecasts for sales and consumption until 2028.

The country has not been without its problems after emerging from its own brand of communism in the early 1990s. In the early stages of its move towards a free market, Albania was beset with administrative and economic chaos caused in part by a collapse in industrial and agricultural production. The result was massive food shortages and rampant inflation. However, by 1996 the situation had eased and the economy expanded that year by 25%. The widespread development of pyramid saving schemes, and their subsequent collapse in 1997, led to a second period of unrest, which culminated in riots in many parts of the country. In 1998, the economy showed signs of recovery with this continuing to date. As of 2018 a high proportion of adults (36.3%) smoke, with 56% of men and 17.6% of women estimated to be smokers. The collapse of the country’s domestic cigarette manufacturing industry and the subsequent influx of cheap, imported blended cigarettes have sustained demand.


  • Albania is a significant market for cigarettes, although recent years have seen the non-duty paid sector grow its presence to an extent that it now dominates sales
  • The influx of foreign brands into Albania since the 1990s has changed the profile of the market considerably. Whereas the traditional oval cigarette was by far the most important type smoked in the early 1990s, international filter cigarettes currently dominate sales.
  • The import duty on cigarettes has been gradually reduced in recent years in an attempt to control contraband sales.

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