”5G Commercial Use Cases Update & Telco Go-To-Market Strategies”, a global outlook report by GlobalData, provides a status update on commercially-deployed 5G use cases globally, focusing on 5G FWA and 5G eMBB. It also outlines the go-to-market strategies that telcos have adopted for their commercial 5G offers in terms of available plans, pricing, bundling and positioning.
Furthermore, it offers an overview of the 5G devices made available by telcos at launch and analyses their bundling & pricing strategies.

Commercial 5G launches started in late 2018, building up momentum since April 2019 with a focus on two main use cases - 5G FWA & 5G eMBB.

The report is structured as follows -
Section 1: Introduction - 5G use cases; a snapshot of the different use cases enabled by 5G and a status update on the ones that have already been commercially launched.
Section 2: 5G commercial use cases, deployment drivers, & service provider activity - FWA & eMBB; this section analyzes specifically the key characteristics and deployment drivers of 5G FWA & 5G eMBB. It then maps the key commercial 5G launches globally (up to July 2019) and provides an update of service providers’ commercial activity in the 5G eMBB and 5G FWA spaces as well as in the emerging B2B use cases.
Section 3: Telco 5G commercial go-to-market strategies across eMBB & FWA; focuses on telcos’ 5G go-to-market strategies analysing 14 telcos’ commercial 5G tariffs, pricing strategies and VAS bundling approaches for 5G eMBB and 5G FWA. Furthermore, it offers an overview of the 5G devices made available by telcos at launch and analyses their bundling & pricing strategies.
Section 4: Key findings and recommendations; we conclude the report with a set of key findings and recommendations for telecom operators to consider in their 5G go-to-market strategies.


  • Commercial 5G FWA started in late 2018 in the US and South Korea. 5G eMBB commercial offers emerged in April 2019.
  • More than ten telcos have launched commercial 5G offerings so far, racing to get a first mover advantage and to showcase technological leadership.
  • Commercial 5G devices are still limited and relatively expensive. A number of bundling & pricing strategies are available to telcos in order to bring the 5G device adoption barriers down.

Reasons To Buy

  • This global outlook report provides an extensive examination of 5G eMBB and 5G FWA commercial pricing, bundling, positionning and device strategies to help telecom operators harness the technology and related monetization levers to capture new revenue streams.
  • The report’s objective is to help inform global industry executives’ decision-making process on 5G use cases’ deployment and on 5G eMBB & FWA commercial go-to-market strategies.
  • The analysis of more than 14 telcos’ commercial 5G plans across eMBB and FWA illustrate the findings of the report, providing best practices and insights into telecom operators’ pricing, bundling, positionning, and device strategies.
  • With 33 exhibits, the report is designed for an executive-level audience, helping industry leaders gain in-depth knowledge into peer telcos’ commercialized 5G propositions in order to effectively craft their 5G go-to-market & monetization strategies.