Pay-TV penetration in Asia Pacific is set to decline slightly through 2023 as cord cutting in developed Asia Pacific will not be fully offset by growing IPTV adoption in markets like China and Thailand. The popularization of third party video OTT platforms and the rapid evolution of viewer’s habits towards non-linear video are forcing pay-TV operators to enhance their traditional service propositions with more innovative features like menu style channel selection and increased intergration with the OTT world.

Asia-Pacific (APAC) will face a slight decline in pay-tv penetration over the 2018-2023 forecast period as cord-cutting in developed APAC eclipses growth in emerging APAC. It is estimated that APAC closed 2018 with a 67.4% pay-TV household penetration, with this figure expected to decline to 67.0% by end-2023. Cord cutting in countries such as Australia, Japan, and South Korea will offset gains in DTH and IPTV in South and Southeast Asia.

The report "Pay-TV Market Trends and Opportunities in Asia-Pacific - 2019", provides an executive-level overview of the pay-TV market in Asia Pacific. It delivers deep qualitative and quantitative insight into the pay-TV market in the region, analyzing key trends and strategies adopted by service providers.

It provides in-depth analysis of the following -

  • Section 1: Asia Pacific in a global context; looks at the pay-TV market in a global context, focusing on penetration and service adoption trends
  • Section 2: Pay-TV market in the Americas; provides a detailed description of the pay-TV market in Asia Pacific, looking at subscriber growth, penetration trends, and service adoption by technology
  • Section 3: Competitive market trends in Asia Pacific; analyzes the three main trends affecting the pay-TV market in the region, focusing on: FTTH network deployments driving IPTV adoption, more flexible and menu style channel packages from operators and the increasing role that OTT is playing in operator content services
  • Section 4: Pay-TV revenue evolution in Asia Pacific; analyzes main ARPU and revenue trends in Asia Pacific for the 2018-2023 period
  • Key findings and recommendations; the Insider concludes with a number of key findings and a set of recommendations for pay-TV service providers

Companies mentioned: AIS, Bharti Airtel, China Telecom, Chunghwa Telecom, Foxtel, Hooq, MNC Vision, NHK, Oksusu, Reliance Jio, Singtel, SK Telecom, Telkom Malaysia, True


  • Over the last few years, most developed APAC markets have been experiencing subscriber declines as a result of customers swapping their traditional pay-TV subscriptions for OTT video alternatives, a trend that we expect will continue over the forecast period.
  • Although cord-cutting is still not affecting countries in emerging APAC, we expect subscriber growth to decelerate.
  • The driving force behind growth in the region are large scale fiber broadband network buildouts. As fixed network operators look to monetize their investments and gain subscribers, IPTV delivered via fiber is used as extra incentive to sign up broadband customers.
  • With the rapid popularization of OTT distribution platforms changing the way people view and pay for content, some operators are looking at more flexible channel packages to cater to customer demands and meet the price points of OTT platforms. In India regualtory pressue is driving this trend.
  • An increasing number of pay-TV operators are opting to integrate pay-TV and OTT services together, either by leveraging their own OTT platform or by partnering with thrid party OTT players.

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