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Key Findings
The PP nonwoven fabrics market in North America amounted $XX million in 2018 and is projected to contribute a value of $XX million by 2027, while growing at 6.43% CAGR through 2019-2027. The nonwoven fabrics market in North America is driven by the increasing utilization of nonwovens across industrial verticals like automotive, medical, hygiene, and industrial together with technological innovations.

Market Insights
Countries such as the United States and Canada is studied to analyze the North America PP nonwoven fabrics market. The Canada PP nonwoven fabrics market is largely influenced by the increasing research & development activities on nonwoven textiles in the country. Also, the rising geriatric population upsurge the sales of adult continence pads, thereby boosting the PP nonwoven fabrics market in the country. Further, as the Canada apparel industry is shifting towards the niche markets of sportswear and protective clothing, the demand for nonwoven fabrics is increasing, in turn, driving the market growth.

First Quality Enterprises Inc., PF Nonwovens Czech S.R.O., Kimberly Clark Corporation, Berry Global Inc., and Avgol Nonwoven Industries, among others, are few of the companies operating in the PP nonwoven fabrics market. Along with the dominant companies, the lucrative market of PP non-woven fabrics is expected to attract new players in the future.