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UK Father’s Day, 2019


The "UK Father’s Day, 2019", report forms part of GlobalData’s Retail Occasions series, and offers a comprehensive insight into the consumer dynamics and spending habits of British consumers for Father’s Day. The report analyses the market, the major players, the main trends, and consumer attitudes.

Overall Father’s Day penetration rose slightly to 51.7%, driven by an increase in those purchasing seasonal food & drink, as consumers chose to spend more time with their family for the occasion.


  • Consumers rated Tesco as the top grocer for Father’s Day, with the retailer scoring the highest for range, quality and display; and the second highest for price and interesting products.
  • More consumers purchased food & drink overall for Father’s Day this year, with penetration up to 28.1% as consumers focused on spending time with family, such as having a special meal at home.
  • Value for money remained the key driver for retailer selection for Father’s Day gifting, and average spends fell across numerous gifting categories as shoppers did not wish to splash out on this occasion.

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