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"Retailer Loyalty Schemes", report provides an overview of different types of loyalty programs, their need in retail industry, benefits and examples of loyalty programs.


  • Loyalty programs are marketing strategies that, when effective, drive customer loyalty and encourage frequent purchases through providing enticing incentives and reasons to purchase.
  • These programs are designed to reduce shopping around and make a retailer top-of-mind - motivating return visits and limiting customer acquisition opportunities for competitors.
  • As part of these programs, customers are generally rewarded with special offers, discounts, points, rebates, exclusive services or free gifts.

Reasons To Buy

  • The effectiveness of loyalty programs is vital as sales growth opportunities, especially in mature retail markets, become more challenging
  • Retailers must ensure their loyalty schemes are built into their apps
  • Carrefour’s “MyCLUB” aims to leverage the fast-growing retail market in Middle East
  • Boots Advantage card gets the basics right
  • Madewell’s Insider loyalty program aims at gaining and retaining customer loyalty
  • Best Buy’s loyalty program lacks a competitive edge versus Amazon
  • The North Face loyalty scheme is designed to appeal to its customers’ passions
  • Sephora is building on its “Beauty Insider” loyalty program to drive business
  • Starbucks doubled its loyalty program members during 2017-2018.