This report provides information and insight into LSE’s fintech activities, including its digital transformation strategies and innovation programs; its technology initiatives (covering partnerships, product launches, investments, and acquisitions); and its estimated ICT budget and major ICT contracts.

London Stock Exchange Group plc (LSE) is a global financial markets infrastructure provider. Its diversified global business is centered around capital formation, balance sheet management, and intellectual property and risk. The group operates a wide array of international equity, ETF, bond, and derivatives markets. It also develops trading platforms and capital markets software and offers a range of real-time and reference data products. LSE’s data solutions include indexes, references, desktop and workflow products, trade reporting, and real-time pricing data.

LSE also provides risk management and a range of post-trade services such as clearing and related services, reconciliation, settlement and custody, center counterparty, and trade confirmation. The group’s technology portfolio includes capital markets technology, infrastructure solutions, group client technology, market connectivity, and trading solutions. London Stock Exchange Group was established in October 2007, following the merger of London Stock Exchange and Milan Stock Exchange, Borsa Italiana.


  • LSE has invested in technology companies like blockchain startup Nivaura and AcadiaSoft to enhance its digital capabilities and provide innovative solutions and services to its customers.
  • LSE plans to deploy AI for surveillance of trading operations in order to prevent potential pricing manipulations and non-compliance.
  • LSE is strengthening its digital expertise by hiring highly qualified and skilled individuals to leadership positions.

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