Success Case Study: Oatly - Bold milk-alternative brand catering to health- and environmentconscious


Oatly is an oat-based products company from Sweden. It aims to raise awareness of alternative, dairy-free milk, and other goods. The brand achieved sales of ?18m in 2018 in the UK, up 89% from 2017. Globally, Oatly’s sales reached ?87m in 2018, and it is hoped that its revenues will double in 2019, with a new production plant expected to increase supply to its distribution network across 26 countries.

"Success Case Study: Oatly" is part of GlobalData’s Success & Failure case study series. It assesses the success of a milk-alternative brand catering to health- and environment-conscious consumers.


  • Oatly intersects with key consumer trends, such as health trends, environmental and sustainability concerns, and the need for more transparency from brands, making it stand out in the category and widening its appeal.
  • Oatly is also in a position to capitalize on the rising rates of veganism, especially in the UK and the US.

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