"UK Party Bag Report 2019", report forms part of GlobalData’s Retail Occasions series, and gives insight into the profile and spending habits of consumers buying children’s party bags.

Almost a quarter of young consumers (25-44 year olds) have purchased party bags over the past 12 months, driven by the continued popularity of children’s birthday parties. With companies emerging offering pre-packed party bags, the ease of offering this small token gift to attendees appeals to time-poor parents. With party bags often seen as a necessity for a child’s birthday, value for money and low prices are the key driver when choosing which retailer to shop at.


  • Sweet products are the most popular item bought for party bags with these items often in multipacks, offering good value for money.
  • The grocers come out on top with these retailers offering convenience and low prices.

Reasons To Buy

  • Use our in-depth consumer insight to gain knowledge of consumer preferences and help tailor your product offerings of children’s party bags to appeal to changing tastes, this includes moving away from plastic toys and gimmicks.
  • Understand what drives retailer choice for party bags among consumers, such as convenience, value for money and delivery options in order to maximise sales potential.