Macquarie Group is a provider of diverse financial solutions such as banking, finance and asset management, advisory, and risk and capital solutions across various asset classes. The group mostly serves the resources and commodities, financial institutions, green energy, conventional energy, infrastructure, and real estate business sectors.

It supports innovative startups in the fintech and infratech landscapes by either partnering with or investing in accelerator programs. It is also focusing on developing skills within the organization through a workforce accelerator program.

Macquarie Group’s key technology themes are analytics, mobile, e-commerce, AI, cybersecurity, cloud computing, blockchain, IoT, connectivity, and office of the future.

This report provides information and insights into Macquarie Group’s fintech activities. This includes insights on its digital transformation strategies and accelerator/incubator programs; an overview of its technology initiatives; insights on each technology initiative; and details of its estimated ICT budget and major ICT contracts.


  • In September 2017, Macquarie’s Banking and Financial Services Group launched an open banking platform, providing new products and services offered by third-party vendors to its own customers.
  • Macquarie Group has partnered with several technology companies since 2013, with its most recent partnerships focused on gaining access to new cloud solutions, analytics, and mobile payment technologies. Since 2017, it has acquired three companies with a technology focus on connectivity, IoT, and office of the future.
  • Macquarie has introduced and participated in various accelerator/incubator programs, building in-house technical skills, supporting innovative startups, and fostering business development.

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