Globally, 67 planned and announced FPSOs are expected to start operations between 2019 and 2025. Among regions globally, South America continues to lead with 27 planned and announced FPSO additions by 2025, followed by Africa and Europe. Brazil and Falkland Islands are the key countries in the region for FPSO deployments. Among operators, Petrobras leads South America in terms of FPSO deployments.

Petroleo Brasileiro SA (Petrobras) is expected to deploy 17 planned and announced floating production, storage and offloading vessels (FPSOs) globally during the outlook period 2019-2025, the highest among all the operators globally. Among the planned and announced FPSO’s to be operated by Petrobras by 2025, 15 are expected to be deployed in Brazil by 2025. The country deployment details of two FPSOs - Es Agua Profundas and Sergipe Agua Profundas II - are presently unknown. Of the 17 Petrobras-operated FPSOs, 10 are announced FPSOs and seven are planned FPSOs.

Africa is the second highest region with 15 upcoming FPSO additions by 2025. Angola and Nigeria are the key countries in the region for FPSO additions, respectively, during the period 2019-2025. Europe is the third highest among the regions in terms of planned and announced FPSO additions. The region has a total of eight upcoming FPSOs during the outlook period. The UK and Norway are the key countries within the region for FPSO deployments.

Unsurprisingly Petrobras leads the global deployment of planned and announced FPSOs, as the company continues to move forward on its plans to develop the subsalt reserves offshore Brazil. After Petrobras, Modec Inc, and Premier Oil Plc are jointly in second for deployment of planned and announced FPSOs, with three FPSO’s each by 2025.

North America, Asia and Oceania are the other key regions with planned and announced FPSO additions. North America and Asia will have five upcoming FPSOs each, Oceania will have four planned and announced FPSOs, and the Middle East will have one upcoming FPSO, during the outlook period.


  • Count of FPSOs that were brought online from 2012 to 2018 by key regions globally
  • Outlook of FPSOs that would be brought online by 2025 by key countries and operators
  • Details of major planned FPSOs globally up to 2025
  • Recent developments, tenders and contracts of FPSOs by key regions, wherever available.

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