With the sustained growth of the global economy, the consumption in the machine tool sector will continue to grow by more than 3.0% in 2019, which will propel the global CNC machine tool industry whose output value outnumbered $70 billion in 2018 to escalate steadily. As the world’s leading producer and consumer of CNC machine tools, China garnered the CNC machine tool output value of over $6 billion (by the exchange rate 1:6.6174) in 2018, a more than 10% share of the global total.

In 2018, China CNC machine tool industry characterized the followings:

CNC level: China had a CNC rate of machine tools at 29.7% in 2018, far lower than Europe, America, Japan and other developed countries (Japan: over 90%; Germany: above 75%; the United States: beyond 80%). Wherein, the CNC level of metal cutting machine tools was 39.0%, higher than that of metal forming machine tools (only 9.9%).

Breakdown products: Among CNC machine tools, CNC lathes and machining centers are used more widely, with their output seizing nearly 50.0% of the total output of CNC machine tools in 2018. In the field of CNC lathes, small and medium-sized horizontal lathes prevail, but more than 85% of high-end small lathes in China needs importing.

Technical level: China relies on the import of high-end CNC machine tools, and the localization level is less than 20%; the localization level of medium and low-end CNC machine tools is as high as over 85%, but the core components herein still hinge on foreign technology. More than 80% of CNC systems used for the China-made ordinary CNC machine tools are imported, and at least 85% of servo systems/motors come from abroad.

Competitive landscape: the leading Chinese CNC machine tool manufacturers are comprised of Dalian Machine Tool, Shenyang Machine Tool, Qinchuan Machine Tool & Tool, JIER Machine-Tool, Ningbo Haitian Precision Machinery, etc. However, in the past two years, the giants have been confronted with difficulties successively (Shenyang Machine Tool suffered losses ceaselessly, Dalian Machine Tool was asked for reorganization and rectification due to breach of bonds), causing a continued slide in industrial concentration. In 2018, CR10 was less than 30%.

As some foreign-funded enterprises set up CNC machine tool production bases or R&D centers in China, China’s local production capacity and level will be improved in the future, which will further promote the comprehensive competitiveness of CNC machine tools made in China.

Global and China CNC Machine Tool Industry Report, 2019-2025 by ResearchInChina mainly deals with the following:
Technology, classification, industry chain, etc. of CNC machine tools;
Global and China’s machine tool output, consumption, import and export, competitive landscape, etc.;
Overview of the global CNC machine tool market; market Size, import and export, etc. of CNC machine tools in major countries (Japan, Germany, South Korea);
Development environment, output, demand, import and export, competitive landscape of CNC machine tools in China;
Production scale, import and export, competitive landscape, etc. of major CNC machine tool products (CNC lathes, CNC grinders, machining centers);
Market size, major suppliers, etc. of CNC machine tool core components (CNC systems, servo systems, electric spindles, etc.);
Market size, CNC machine tool applications, etc. of downstream applications (automotive, aviation, railroad equipment, electronic information, etc.);
Operation and CNC machine tool business of 12 foreign and 20 Chinese CNC machine tool manufacturers.