The retail deposits and mortgages markets in Indonesia reported strong growth during 2013-17, but these gains are expected to decelerate over 2018-22. The credit card and personal loan markets are set to remain steady during this period compared to the review period. Indonesian banks have witnessed an increase in their profitability in recent years compared to their peers in Thailand and Malaysia. Their operating efficiency is also higher.

The report "Retail Banking Market Dynamics: Indonesia 2018", identifies macroeconomic and competitive dynamics that impact upon the Indonesian retail banking market. It provides insight into -

  • The outlook for deposits, credit cards, personal loans, and mortgages
  • Net changes in market share across all four product areas
  • Overall financial performance including profitability, efficiency, and income sources

Companies mentioned: Bank Mandiri, Bank Central Asia, Bank Rakyat, Bank Negara Indonesia, PaninBank, PermataBank, CIMB Niaga, Bank Danamon, Maybank, HSBC, OCBC NSIP, Bank Tabungan Negara


  • Among the top banks in the Indonesian retail deposits market, Bank Rakyat increased its market share the most over 2013-17.
  • Bank Tabungan Negara outperformed the top banks with the highest growth rate in mortgage loan balances over the review period.
  • Bank Rakyat reported the highest annual growth in its credit card balances in 2017.

Reasons To Buy

  • Identify factors affecting growth prospects across the deposit, credit card, personal loan, and mortgage markets.
  • Track competitor gains and losses in market share.
  • Assess the financial performance of competitors.