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Cyber Security is now a mission-critical business risk, not just a technology problem, but it remains a non-core competence for most boards. Breaches are therefore inevitable because CEOs lack sufficient training to handle this business risk effectively. This lack of awareness is even larger in the SMB segment. Moreover, large corporations and SMBs cannot address cyber security risks on their own. Most of them lack the staff and the technology necessary to address current threats.

This represent an opportunity for cyber security services providers, in particular for telcos, that can harness their in-country presence and existing enterprise customer relationships as a competitive advantage when targeting local large and SMB clients with MSS solutions.

For a successful go-to-market strategy, telcos are also turning their cyber security services offerings into standard solutions that are paid for on a monthly basis (without upfront fees for hardware and implementation).

Telecom operators are looking at adjacent markets to generate new revenue streams and offer a comprehensive value to their customers. Therefore cyber security services represent a big opportunity for telcos, which can leverage their network management skills, cloud infrastructure, and relationships with enterprises. Telcos’ cyber security portfolio usually starts with service offerings focused around areas where telcos have traditionally been active.

Therefore services such as management and monitoring of antispam, content filtering, and antivirus, is often launched in an initial cyber security portfolio. To seize the opportunity, some telcos are building larger scale and create further synergies to manage alerts, and react quickly to threat situations.

Additionally, in-country presence represents a strategic advantage for telcos. This can be important for some verticals (e.g., government or finance), which due to data privacy laws, need to deal with cyber security providers with a local presence.

"Cyber Security Services: Market Trends & Telco Strategies", a new Global Outlook Report, provides an executive-level overview with qualitative insights and analysis of the cyber security services market trends and telco strategies.

Snippets from the report -

  • Building partnerships is a key point for telcos growth in the cyber security market.
  • Telcos are tackling cyber security opportunities in the SMB, offering simple services packages.
  • Local presence and ongoing customer relationships are key drivers for telco growth in the cyber security services market.


  • Framework, Definition, Regulatory and Market Trends of the Cyber Security Services market.
  • Analysis of Cyber Security Services market trends and telecom operator’s strategies for this market.
  • Summary of key findings and opportunities in the cyber security market.

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  • This Global Outlook Report provides a comprehensive examination through forward-looking analysis of the cyber security market trends in a concise analytical format to help executives build proactive and profitable growth strategies.
  • The report examines the key cyber security market trends and telco strategies.
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