The 2019 version of the connected car outlook covers an overview on the upcoming technologies, features, services and global trends surrounding connected cars and automotive IT. The research includes latest features being introduced by automakers such as Marketplace, features-on demand, in-vehicle payments and newer telematics services. Predictions for 2019 market scenario have been showcased and the actual market scenario of 2018 have also been summarised. The outlook includes concepts, case studies of select use-cases and companies that have been the highlight of 2018 and are going to play a major role in shaping up the industry in the coming years.

Observations from interviews with automakers, Tier-I suppliers, technology providers, telecom providers etc. has been covered and these are trends pertaining to connected services, smartphone interfacing solutions and digital assistants to name a few. Forecasts for the total connected car, navigation system, embedded telematics solutions, etc. has been presented from the in-depth analysis and key findings. Topics such as data monetization, cybersecurity, Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) etc., discusses the opportunities for OEMs and potential start-ups who are seeking to understand business models, regulations and market size to venture into such domains.

Themes from the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), recent connected car acquisitions, developments in the automotive IoT space, operating systems and aftermarket solutions are also covered. The study not only covers major regional updates of North America and Europe but also market/technology penetration, and updates from APAC, South America, India are also captured. The comparative analysis of automakers with respect to human-machine interface (HMI), App integrations, telematics services etc. demonstrates the standards that different brands are setting with respect to technologies.

Finally, the study offers growth opportunities, strategic imperatives and key takeaways for a wider audience. It summarises the key points for each technology, feature and services to help stakeholders to expand the connected car market in different regions and technology avenues they can venture into.

Key Issues Addressed
  • What are the new platforms based services that OEMs are going to introduce in the near future?
  • How companies are aligning their strategies towards C.A.S.E model?
  • Who are the ecosystem players in the various aspects of connected cars such as automotive OS, Navigation, IoT, Cybersecurity etc.?
  • What are the growth opportunities for OEMs and Tier-Is who are in the connected cars space?
  • Which are the approaches that companies are trying to achieve to enable connectivity?