This report contains a product-by-product market size and forecast for spend on telecommunications, including fixed line, networking equipment, and wireless/mobile within UK defense.


The scope of telecommunications markets covered  is as follows:

  • Fixed line
    - This includes all spend on fixed voice and data services including calls and lines, fax, broadband, leased line, video and conferencing services. It also includes handsets and other fixed-line endpoints. Managed telecoms services are excluded from this and counted in the service category. We exclude the cost of associated network management software from this category where possible.

  • Networking equipment
    - This category covers networking equipment for external connectivity: PBX, IP PBX and infrastructure (cabling, racks etc) that supports WAN and MAN networking. It covers WAN routers and all switches.
    - It also includes commercial off-the-shelf software associated with communications network management, with VoIP and with converged communications platforms, although software that is primarily email client or server is covered under the appropriate software category.

  • Wireless/mobile
    - This category covers all mobile connections, handset costs and call charges. It includes voice, data and video over GSM, UMTS, satellite, microwave, TETRA, Wi-Max, and other wireless backhaul and last-mile technologies. It does not cover Wi-Fi, which falls under the network equipment category in hardware.

Reasons To Buy

We've assessed the impact of austerity and the coalition government's diminished appetite for reform, and mapped out the implications of structural and political change. We've assessed the impact of a weak recovery and a double-dip recession to reforecast ICT spend to 2017. A team of eleven analysts have calculated the ICT spend for every organization in this report's scope and aggregated this to provide an invaluable guide to the market.

Key Highlights

CAGR for telecommunications market in defense sector is -4.87%