CBA is establishing innovation labs that act as centers of excellence for its digital transformation. Artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, big data, blockchain, cyber security, augmented reality, and regtech are the key technologies under focus for these labs.

CBA has developed and launched various digital solutions for its individual and institutional clients by leveraging innovative technologies such as cloud computing, blockchain, AI, and analytics.

CBA has signed partnerships with various fintech start-ups and technology developers that enable it to provide customer-centric solutions such as cloud-based process management, chatbot-based conversational platforms, online and mobile payments, and security-based identity and authentication solutions.

The report provides information and insights into Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s fintech activities, including -

  • Insight into its digital transformation strategies.
  • Overview of technology initiatives covering investment, partnerships, acquisition, and product launches.
  • Insight on each technology initiative, including technology theme, objective, and benefits.
  • Details of estimated ICT budgets and major ICT contracts.


  • Since 2014, CBA has established innovation labs in Sydney, Hong Kong, and London.
  • In 2018, CBA launched three digital solutions in order to enhance the banking experience of its customers.
  • In 2017, CBA invested in blockchain technology solutions provider r3, with the aim of utilizing distributed ledger technology across its banking operations.

Reasons To Buy

  • Gain insights into Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s technology initiatives.
  • Gain insights into the technology themes it focuses on.
  • Gain insights into its product launches, investments, and partnerships.