Sports Nutrition Market By Fruit Product Type (Iso Drink Powder, Supplement Powder, Iso & Other Sports Drinks, Protein Bars, Protein Powder, Capsule and Tablets, RTD Protein Drinks, Carbohydrate Drinks, Energy Bars, Other Supplements) End User (Bodybuilders, Lifestyle Users, Athletes) Distribution Channel (Small Retail, Fitness Institutions, Large Retail & Mass Merchandisers, Drug & Specialty Stores) - Global Industry Analysis & Forecast to 2025

Industry Outlook and Trend Analysis

The Sports Nutrition Market has encountered significant development over the recent years and is anticipated to grow tremendously over the forecast period. Sports nutrition products, for example, supplements, enhancements, and nourishment that incorporate Isotonic drink powder, protein powders, capsule and tablets, supplement powder, prepared to-drink protein drinks and protein bars are the most commonly used by body builders and athletes. These items are produced for, and devoured by competitors and weight lifters to enhance their general wellbeing, execution, and muscle development. Sports drinks were utilized by competitors to renew the water level in the body. Bodybuilders are the significant clients of sports nutrition supplements.

Drivers and Restraints

Consumers are widely taking up practices, for example, consumption of healthy food, gym, and yoga as self-prescription and with the end goal to lead a healthy way of life. This has prompted an expansion sought after for wellbeing related products, for example, natural dietary and sports supplements and organic foods. Expanded use of self-investigation packs and self-analysis for lack has expanded interest for games supplements in emerging regions.

Regional Insights

The United States is the biggest consumer, accounting for approximately two-thirds of the total sports nutrition market in value as well as volume of retail sales.

By Region

North America



Rest of Europe


South Korea
Southeast Asia
Rest of Asia-Pacific

South America

Rest of South America

Middle East and Africa

Saudi Arabia
South Africa
Rest of MEA

Competitive Analysis

The major players in the market are profiled in detail in view of qualities, for example, company portfolio, business strategies, financial overview, recent developments, and share of the overall industry.

Abbott Nutrition Inc
Glanbia Plc.
Yakult Honsha Co. Ltd
GNC Holdings
Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd
GlaxoSmithKline PLC
Ultimate Nutrition Inc
The Coca-Cola Company
PepsiCo Inc
Reckitt Benckiser Group Plc

Some of the key questions answered by the report are:

What was the market size in 2014 and forecast from 2015 to 2025?
What will be the industry market growth from 2015 to 2025?
What are the major drivers, restraints, opportunities, challenges, and industry trends and their impact on the market forecast?
What are the major segments leading the market growth and why?
Which are the leading players in the market and what are the major strategies adopted by them to sustain the market competition?